Sunday, February 15, 2009


I recently was sitting in a resident's room while she was dying. I sat on her couch between her son and a friend. Strings of Compassion harpist played while she slowly fell into rhythm with the notes. Also in her room were two other residents and a caregiver. I sat there just feeling so much love and inner peace that I had a smile. Where did this come from? It happened about 8 years ago. I had been present with many folks who had died. Then there was a shift. I attended a Hospice Conference sponsored by Washington County. It was amazing and I realized halfway through the conference this was a calling. I felt so privileged taking care of a person who was dying, as if God placed them in my hands. Someone once pondered the question "what would you assume if you saw a woman in labor without seeing the end result?". "Death is a labor, a process and we never get to see the end result." As in labor in delivery, labor in death could also have a miraculous end.